kunoschaer. motorsport&events

The organisation agency of sports driving trainings on European round courses and of the execution of events in the field of exclusive car meetings, rallyes, trips to car manufacturers and their motor sports divisions. Since 1979, Kuno Schär has been nationally as well as internationally succesful and predestinated to realise trendy ideas and individual services in the domain of automobile sports.
Profit from almost 40 years of know-how relating to « Sport & Race Cars-Consulting ».

Our event concept clearly sets us apart from the competitors in the area of « Driving trainings on race courses ». First-hand and thanks to numerous participations in suchlike events, we are capable to comply with requirements of all kind. The longlasting, intact and amicable relationships to hirers of race courses, sponsors, collectors and race drivers, to teams as well as to media responsibles base upon a joint cooperation.