Informations INT. TEST- AND TRACKDAYS – Monza


The day in the „Autodromo di Monza“ starts at 08.45 with the obligatory briefing including the following issues: general description of the course, presentation of the safety measures and the responsible persons. Furthermore, you’ll get tips and suggestions of experienced touring car drivers who will attend you in your car if desired. During lunch (12.30 – 13.45), we will serve you the most exquisite Italian delicacies. From 14 – 18h, the course will be at your free disposal again.


Only optimally prepared, ancient and present-day road sports cars and race touring cars /GT/TW/Historic Cars, DTM, LMP and Formel 1 are allowed.


This driver’s training doesn’t require a licence. However, you need a fast vehicle giving you pleasure and making you feel comfortable. In addition, you need a helmet and, as per our advice, a racing suit.


We offer you this exclusive motor sports event for  1’700.00 CHF or 1’450.00 Euro per person and vehicle. For companions, we charge a contribution fee (incl. lunch) of 100.00 CHF/90.00 Euro, 350.00 CHF/300.00 Euro per pit/day.
These costs have to be settled in advance by the respective closing date.  After closing date, the costs can be settled on site with a supplementary charge of EUR 100.00 (no credit card/checks).

Bank account

UBS AG, CH-4502 Solothurn

CHF-Konto Nr.: 782 145 L1E
IBAN: CH69 0026 2262 7821 45L1 E

EUR-Konto Nr.: 782 145 40 W
IBAN: CH49 0026 2262 7821 4540 W


A competent, long lasting co-operation with the responsible persons of the „Autodromo di Monza“ and their officials, a historic GP-course, free driving without a time frame, video-monitoring, F1 -trained staff, doctors and ambulance assistants. Besides, we offer you lunch, included in the price. At extra charge, we can provide you with pits with toilet/shower and souvenir photos taken by professional motor sports photographers. In the paddock, you will find unique shopping possibilites (racing sports accessories, automobilia, clothes, shoes, model cars, books, helmets, etc.), an SB-gasoline station and, needless to say, the great Italian ambiance. Viva Italia!


We kindly ask you to organise individually your journey to Monza and the transport/clearing formalities of your vehicles. Our partners Beat Furrer (, Stefan Vonlanthen (, Dr. Christian Kallenberger ( and Daniel Handschin (Ferrlamb Race Traction AG, Phone +41 (0)79 922 54 78) will be at your disposal for any advice.


With pleasure, we help you with your preparations and we will stay at your disposal for all questions around the „kunoschaer.motorsport&events-driver’s trainings Monza.“