RallyeCar – Collection kunoschaer.

Our enthusiasm for the ralley sport is based on amicable contacts to the WRC-photographer and author Reinhard Klein (McKlein), to the rallye star Armin Schwarz (former European champion) and to the rallye organiser Hervé Charbonneaux (Rallystory). The three of them infected us that much – as individually as in common – that the purchase of a real rallye car in the year 1986 (Fiat 124 Abarth, Grp. IV) brought temporary healing.

The start to the rallyeCar-Collection was therefore given. Shortly after, we completed the collection by historic vehicles. Yet we chose only those in which the sweat of the pilots and their co-pilots is still sticking on the seats and the steering wheel is worn-out.

The star of the RallyeCar-Collection is definitely the Rallye car of the century, the Lancia Stratos, Grp. IV.

Int. Hunsrück-Rallye 1995 – Kuno Schär auf MG Metro 6R4, Grp. B
Int. Hunsrück-Rallye 1997 – Kuno Schär auf VAUXHALL-Opel Manta 400, Grp. B
Int. Rallye Korsika “Rallye 10’000 Virages” – Kuno Schär auf Lancia Rally 037, Grp. B

sport auto September 1993 - Hansrück-Rallye Volante 1998 - die Weltmeister